Jan 242012

CeciliaParedes03 The Art of Floral Camouflage
images taken from My Modern Met

Ohhh, these are very nice. I can’t think of a better way to pretty oneself up than by painting yourself to blend into a very nice floral textile design. Laborious, I’m sure and no scratching allowed but well worth the effort. The model featured in each of these images is also the photographer. Cecilia Paredes is a Peruvian-born photo performance artist who lives and works in San Jose and Philadelphia. Paredes explores the boundaries of blending and ‘disappearing’ into the background through a variety of different collections of themed-work, this collection of images is her latest. She camouflages herself with costumes and paint to investigate the sense of identity, belonging and displacement. She ‘blends’ into the landscape whilst remaining true to her origins, be it with the showing of her eyes or her hair. It’s an interesting concept, one that I think we can all relate to to some degree as we all do a little chameleon-esque manoeuvres throughout the day depending on where we are or who we’re with. Obviously, I should like to be a Liberty print and would do it everyday if I could be as pretty as this!

Some of her work can be seen as part of the LA Art Show 2012

CeciliaParedes01 The Art of Floral Camouflage

CeciliaParedes02 The Art of Floral Camouflage

CeciliaParedes06 The Art of Floral Camouflage

CeciliaParedes07 The Art of Floral Camouflage

CeciliaParedes09 The Art of Floral Camouflage

pixel The Art of Floral Camouflage

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  1. What amazing pictures Emily! Thank you for sharing…
    I had to look at them a few times before I could work out what was actually going on in them! Beautiful….

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