Feb 022012

 Theyre Deadgood in Every Way
Harvey collection by Deadgood Studio, prices start at £1,636 for an armchair

Parq Life Sideboard Theyre Deadgood in Every Way
Parq Life sideboard by Lee Broom, price £5,858

Deadgood. Deadgood indeed. I. Would. Like. Most. Things. On. Their. Website. A design collective of furniture and product designers have joined forces to produce a solid, polished and well-executed business. Beautifully presented in a sensible and well-thought through approach, enabling the products to shine in their own right without having to compete with bad visual clutter. And shine their products do.

Above is the splendid ‘Harvey’ 3-seater sofa which was designed in-house at Deadgood and is a blend of everything that makes Britain great. Using a combination of tweed and leather you get a hybrid sofa which references the past whilst having its four legs firmly in the present. ‘Working Girl’ stools have a similar genetic pool. A simple design sees a element of industrial past combined with bold striking modern-coloured legs.

But it’s not all work and no play. We see a constant ability to giggle and have fun and why not? Who said design has to be serious all the time. Using the British artist John Burgerman’s drawings to decorate rugs and chairs sees this lighthearted approach in action, as does Lee Broom’s delectable ‘Parq Life’ collection and the Capsule armchair (below). Be sure to check out the rest of their designs on their website and bookmark it. I reckon we’ll be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

Working Girls Theyre Deadgood in Every Way
Working Girl stools by David Irwin, £226

Capsule Chair Theyre Deadgood in Every Way
Capsule armchair by Deadgood Studio, prices start from £1,565

Form Chair Caribbean 1 Theyre Deadgood in Every Way
Form Chair by Deadgood Studio, prices start from £126

Timber Stacker With Arms Theyre Deadgood in Every Way
Timber stacker with arms chair by David Irwin, prices start from £309

pixel Theyre Deadgood in Every Way

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  1. The capsule armchair looks really nice with the colored cloth buttons on it. I feel this could be a nice combination with the other white furniture I have in my house.

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