Mar 292012

British Design Celebrating What Really Makes Britain Great

And really it is great. Don’t believe all the negative press. When you stop and have a look around at all the wonderful things we have made, designed and created over the centuries, you’d be right to feel a pang or two of patriotism. I know I certainly do and no more so than when attending the press preview of the new exhibition British Design: innovation in the modern age at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. This exhibition is a welcomed showcase of design created on these shores since the last British Olympics in 1948 until today, 2012. It encompasses all areas of design without any favouritism (unlike myself- it would appear most of my photos are of textiles and furniture. At least I’m consistent, eh?) so there will be a good all round learning going on and something for everyone. On for the entirety of the summer, if the Olympics get too much for you, you can just catch the tube in the opposite direction and be no less entertained. Nicely laid out and lit by a modern British designer (be sure to look up, they’re lovely), the exhibition works its way through an almighty wealth of political, social, technological and scientific developments and charts our country’s progress accordingly. Be sure not to miss it. Opens on Saturday the 31st of March.

Another fantastic show sponsored by Ernst and Young- thank you.

Prices for booking details, please check the website.
£13.80 Full
£11.60 Senior citizens
£9.60 Full-time students, 12–17 year olds, ES40 holders, disabled people
£23.20 / £35.60 Family tickets (One adult & two 12–17 year olds / Two adults & two 12–17 year olds)

The Victoria and Albert Museum is located at Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL

Images all mine with thanks to the V&A Museum and all collection donators.

pixel Celebrating What Really Makes Britain Great
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