Jul 252012

paperballs1 Its All About Paper Balls

I recently did a job that involved a lot of craft and I thought that I would revisit it for this post because it was surprisingly good fun. I always enjoy making things more than I think I do. It’s good fun even if it doesn’t work. And with the summer holidays upon us, what better way to keep one out of mischief than a good old session of homemade ‘Blue Peter’ in the garden. You don’t even need kids. What could be better? The key is to engage your lateral-problem solving brain and don’t worry about either the mess or the outcome. It’s all in the doing. Here are the pages for the above ideas. Get to it.

1.) Paint Chip orbs, Readymade, 2.) lace doily lamp, Dos Family, 3.) Knitted hot air balloons, Butterfly Love 1, 4.) paper baubles made from paperbacks, no instructions so this is where you have to get really clever (by the clever Cathy of California) 5.) paper streamers, Martha Stewart

All images with many thanks to all those featured

pixel Its All About Paper Balls

  2 Responses to “It’s All About Paper Balls”

  1. Making paper balls is a great summer activity for parents and kids to do together. It’s also a smashing way to recycle scratch papers, magazines and newspapers. I especially fancy those paper streamers from Martha Stewart.

  2. This are wonderful, it’s difficult to choose a favourite. The paint cards are fabulous though, you can have a lot of colourful fun with choosing which ones to use. The Martha Stewart streamers are cool too. Thanks for sharing x

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