Jan 162014

EQUUS 7 Watch how the Pretty Horses Go


I am, by no means, a girl with a horsey inclination. This should not be taken as no love or admiration for the magnificent beasts, for I do, think they are entirely marvellous, just, the whole jodhpurs thing ain’t never gonna happen. Should you have chosen to describe this new range from Royal Crown Derby, I probably would have wrinkled my nose and politely declined, but they arrived in my inbox in full brand-spanking fresh and cheeringly contemporary horsey-glory and I was a goner. Big, bold and magnificent. So, if like me you prefer your horses in manageable sizes, whilst wearing dignified clothing, I recommend you get yourself down to see them in their finery. The ‘Equus’ range (designed by Carmen Roome) is being launched on Monday the 20th of January at Harrods in London as part of series of window displays celebrating ’2014: Year of the Horse”.

Apr 082013

The Tongueling from Elli Vuorinen on Vimeo.

This little animation is by Elli Vuorinen, a recent graduate of the Turken Arts Academy in Finland, has been making waves. Elli has been selected to be a resident animation artist in Tokyo 2012-2013, her animation ‘The Tongueling’ will be part of the KROK international animation festival, was entered into the main competition of Hiroshima International Animation Festival. The Tongueling is a wondruous wintery colour palette, full of high contrasts, this is totally apt seeing as despite it being April and BST, it’s still winter here in the UK. I watched it complete with scarf and blanket over my lap, cradling my coffee as I giggled, gasped, winced and exclaimed by way through this short story. Both funny ha-ha and funny peculiar, this tells the tale of a man looking for love and finding it in a most unexpected place. Full of wet mouth noises, so if you’re a little sensitive, this may not be for you.

Kielitiettyni (The Tongueling)
Wooden knocks are echoing in a frozen landscape when a lonesome man is searching for a tongueling of his own.
Hand-drawn animation- Direction/ Animation/ Script/ Editing: Elli Vuorinen
Sound design: Elli Vuorinen, Jani Lehto
Music: Jani Lehto
Production: Turku Arts Academy / Eija Saarinen/ 2010

Mar 142013

Woolweek Its All Woolly Good

Yesterday saw the opening of this year’s Wool Week by Campaign For Wool at Wool House, Somerset House. I first got excited by Wool Week two years ago with their Wool Modern exhibition, which I loved for all its crafty exhibitors but found disappointing due to its heavy fashion emphasis and a lack of homewares. This year, they’ve totally turned it around with more interiors and homewares than you can shake a sheep at. Which is only right, when you think about how much wool is a major player in homewares; from cushions, carpets to sofas and blankets. Very nicely curated, with an extensive exploration across all interior styles and colours. Go in with open eyes and prepare to be amazed. You’ll never look at a sheep in the same way again. It’s a cracker.

Photos from left to right, top to bottom:
Infinity carpet runner by Christian Zuzunaga for Brintons
Arran jumper armchair by Champ Upholstery with Vintage Clothes- seen in the Natural Room by Josephine Ryan.
Fabric walls in Wool Sateen Glace Indigo by Holland & Sherry- seen in the Classic Drawing Room by Fox Linton Associates
Wool lettering detail
Curved Laine, three-dimensional acoustic sound absorbing panel, 100% wool felt, made to order, designed by Anne Kyyrö Quinn- seen in Modern Room by Anne Kyyrö Quinn.
detail of the cloud mobile, custom made for Wool House, by Donna Wilson- seen in Nursery by Donna Wilson.
Leaf, pink acoustic sound absorbing panel, 100% wool felt, made to order, designed by Anne Kyyrö Quinn- seen in Modern Room by Anne Kyyrö Quinn.
Chain carpet, designed by Ashley Hicks, woven to order by Alternative Flooring- seen in Study by Ashley Hicks.
knitted vessels by Hilary Anderson-Barr- seen in the Natural Room by Josephine Ryan.

The Campaign for Wool’s WOOL HOUSE
Wool House, West Wing, Somerset House, London
13 – 24 March 2013
Open daily
Free admission

Dec 112012

Pols Potten birds A Bird In The Hand...

A bird in the hand is worth four on the Christmas tree, right? Or summat like that. It wouldn’t be hard to go all birdy this Christmas and especially not with these little fellas by Pols Potten. SCP are stocking a variety of their white ceramic birds, and I reckon they’ll be flying off the shelves (boom), because, whilst these photos do no justice to them, when you are up close to them, they are just totally adorable. Your hearts will melt and before you know it, you’ll have bought the lot. Well, I very almost did, at any rate. Now, who knows what ‘Sparrow’ is in Dutch?

Large Sparrow ornament, £10, small Sparrow ornament, £6, set of 4 tree decorations, £18, all from SCP.

Dec 062012

Fanny Shorter Our Feathered Friends in Print

Another favourite from Cockpit Arts has to be these splendid little bird prints by illustrator and printmaker, Fanny Shorter. They are printed to scale using silk-screens, and represented here are some of the world’s smallest birds, and gosh, aren’t they teeny tiny? Bless ‘em. Makes the Finch look like a right little porker. The birds are printed in coloured layers, so each little bird comes alive after 5 or 6 different pulls of the squeegee. Their feathers are represented with different patterns making these truly lovely works of art. Utterly charming.

Get in touch with Fanny Shorter for a full list of birds and prices on 07890 920136, or via email at fannyshorter at gmail.com

Nov 162012

Cush Puppies Aint Nothing But a Hound Dog

No one is more surprised than me that I’m listing cushions with dogs on them. If you’d told me, I would have laughed you all the way to Battersea, but no, here I am and yes, there they are. Dogs. On cushions. For some reason these I like. It’s got to be said, I do like an animal ornament, and I confess, I have parakeets as part of the design of the fabric on my cushions, but strictly speaking I’m not one for ‘cutesie’ renditions of animal, domestic or wild. Patchwork cushions made from a variety of fabrics both old and new, each with a patchwork pictorial of much loved pooches. Made by British designer and maker, Carola Van Dyke, in the village of Firle, and on sale shortly at Liberty, London, for £89 per cushion. At least they won’t pee on your rug, eh?

Nov 082012

Kaoru Shibata Kitty On A Plate

Now, I realise that these might have been a bit more apt last week, but hey, better late than never. Never has a plate seen a cuter moggy than these Japanese felines. Cute without being cloying, these ceramics decorated by Japanese illustrator, Kaoru Shibata, are currently available to buy here in the UK and I could merrily consider making these my pets. Fab featured the mugs earlier on in the year, and are currently selling the plates as a set of 5 for £25.50. I have found very little information on Kaoru Shibata on UK websites so this might be a rare chance indeed. All details, including dimensions can be found here.

Sep 102012

the Song for Rain from Yawen on Vimeo.

Weather-wise, this may not be what one wants on a grey September day having had a weekend of glorious sunshine and blue skies, but it’s such a charming little animation that you’ll be pleased to have seen it. A bitter-sweet story by illustration graduate, Zheng Yawen, about a boy who helps a fox collect rainwater in order to water his flowers, the characters and set are beautifully illustrated in what looks like watercolour or chalk pastels. Lots of muted greys for the urban scenes and lovely bright yellows in contrast for when the suns comes out. I hope you don’t shed too many tears!

Sep 032012

Owl Know How from Isobel Knowles on Vimeo.

Now that the summer is over and the August Break 2012 has come to a close, the new school year begins but I needed to break myself (and you guys) in gently. So what better than a gorgeous and charming video from Vimeo. Owl Know How is a short animation by Isobel Knowles featuring cute-as-a-button characters created by Cat Rabbit, this is quite possibly the cutest thing you’ll see all week (and I know how you all like your cute animal pictures). A bold statement you may say, but just watch the video and then see if you can argue my case.
Felt, sewing and imagination at its best, a lovely indulgence of cute and adorable without an element of twee to be found anywhere. A sort of fairytale that we’d all like to imagine exists up there in the world. It’s not saccharine and pink, it’s real and it’s got integrity, intelligence and humour. And nicely made to boot. I like that you can see how they’ve made the ‘machinery’. It doesn’t pretend to be anything than what it is: charming and beautifully handmade. I love the ‘pouring’ in of the internal organs. It’s funny. Now available in book form too. Happy Monday the 3rd of September everybody.

Aug 142012

AugustBreak 140812 Mornin Tweeters

Mornin’ Tweeters! A little local graffiti offering. Rather cheering and sweet, I thought. Perfect for cheering up London.

pixel Mornin Tweeters
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